• Elefsis – Eleusis

  • In antiquity Elefsis was, together with Athens, Olympia, Delphi and Delos, the 5 holy cities of Ancient Greece and the Sacred Street ended in it. The word Eleusis is mentioned for the first time in the Orphic hymn "Demeter incense".

    In addition, Hesyios tells us that Eleusis' oldest name was Sesaria. According to myth, Seasaria was the youngest daughter of King Keleu.

    Keleos refers to the first hierophant, and first ordained the daughters of Jerusalem of the goddess Demeter.

    Keleos was the settler of Eleusis, who gave his name to the city to honor the father, the hero Eleusina. The word Elefsina is a spoken name and comes from the verb free = I come. That is, the place of arrival, coming, presence, revelation.