• Children

  • “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”
    Plato said.

    He also argued that musical education had to start from childhood.

    Music gives children a tool to express their feelings and imagination. It can be an outlet and a form of escapism. For some music becomes a language and a way of communicating words can’t describe.

    Neuroscientists have studied the positive effects of music education on children’s brains for decades and the positive evidence keeps mounting up. Music is the ultimate workout for our brain.

    The neurological benefits for children are numerous:
    - Language and literacy and listening skills.
    - Motor skills and Physical Coordination.
    - Creative thinking and problem solving.
    - Increase in IQ and EQ.
    - Executive functioning and self-regulation.

    In Elefsis Music Classes, our goal is to teach children to love music as well as to gain professional qualifications.

    We are offering a high level musical education including preparation for grades such as ABRSM or TRINITY. We provide our pupils with the resources and tools hey need to obtain distinction or merit either on piano practice or theory exams.